" Practical Pholosophy"

Shared enquiry into the great questions of life

This course is for anyone who’s asked themselves ‘What am I doing here?’, who wants to expand their world, their thinking, and the view they have of themselves.

Discussions are underpinned by the philosophy of unity, or Advaita, a universal, non-denominational teaching literally meaning ‘not two’. This is Eastern in origin, but of universal application because it points to the unity underlying all things.

The course is broad in scope, and is intended to be of real practical use. There are further opportunities available for anyone who subsequently wishes to deepen their studies.

The approach is practical rather than academic. There are no exams to pass. No sitting at desks. The course does not offer certificates or diplomas, but something much more important – a living philosophy that is of real value in dealing with the challenges of everyday life, and developing one's own potential as fully as possible.



Online classes available!

FEE: Free of Charge



Starting Dates

22nd & 27th April 2024

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Each Monday evening's lecture is repeated on Saturday mornings so you may vary your day of attendance from week to week.


The Course runs for 10 weeks, one session per week

For registration Call 868 334 5666/ 757 3000/ 793 3490

The School of Philosophy is a non-profit education charity incorporated by parliamentary Act No. 23 of 1991


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